Sunday, May 18, 2008

Opening my new weblog

This is me starting out playing with my Blackberry 8310 phone and setting up my blog.

This weblog will read as much as possible like a book with each essay being much the same as though it were the next chapter. To this end I have placed the posts in descending order starting with this one. Oldest to the top and newest to the bottom in the interest of reader continuity. Check the archive in the sidebar to select any particular essay or return to a particular place in the queue. Most entries will be in essay form and save possibly the closing statement will also be stand alone reading. The reader can choose an entry at random and find the entry as a whole piece rather than having to read backward through the entries to find references.

If you are a new reader then you can start here and read the essays in the order they were written from the beginning and I will try to maintain continuity from one post to the next. This is not a book however, with a pre-designed plot and story line. The essays will appear as the inspiration comes to me although each will build off the closing statements of the one preceding in the queue. I tend to write in a timeless manner so usually there will not be any time constraint on the value of the essays. From time to time entries will be posted from my Blackberry mobile phone and edited online later to correct spelling and grammatical errors. If you find a post that has numerous typos and/or grammatical errors then come back later and I will have tried to review, edit and proof the incorrect post.

I'm not anal about my compositing but I, personally, dislike reading items that appear to have been written by someone with an inadequate command of the English language so as a courtesy to my readers I'll try to avoid committing that same form of behavior.

This is the internet so instead of saying "Please don't swipe my material", I'll say instead that if you find something that you wish to share then mention this as the source and let others also read this weblog. If you forget I will not come to your door to correct you. The material is here to enjoy so share as you like.

If you're a student needing an extra credit essay then don't bother trying to borrow these. Even the most cursory Google search will reveal the source and your teacher will fail you.

Thank you for visiting. Add me to your bookmarks!

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